Compaq / HP Proliant DL ML StorageWorks Caddy tray Rahmen Hot Plug 3,5 373211-001, 335537-001

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373211-001 Serverrahmen Hotplug Hot-Plug Caddy trays Festplattenrahmen für Compaq HP Proliant DL ML StorageWorks

HP 3.5" SCSI/SAS Hot Swap Tray

inkl. Schrauben / incl. Screws
can use:


    ProLiant DL1000 / DL170h G6
    ProLiant DL120 G5
    ProLiant DL120 G6
    ProLiant DL120 G7
    ProLiant DL140
    ProLiant DL140 G2
    ProLiant DL140 G3
    ProLiant DL145 G2
    ProLiant DL145 G3
    ProLiant DL160 G5
    ProLiant DL160 G5p
    ProLiant DL160 G6
    ProLiant DL160se G6
    ProLiant DL165 G5
    ProLiant DL165 G5p
    ProLiant DL165 G6
    ProLiant DL165 G7
    ProLiant DL170h G6
    ProLiant DL180 G5
    ProLiant DL180 G6
    ProLiant DL180se G6
    ProLiant DL185 G5
    ProLiant DL2x170h G6
    ProLiant DL320 G3
    ProLiant DL320 G4
    ProLiant DL320 G5
    ProLiant DL320 G5p
    ProLiant DL320 G6
    ProLiant DL360 G4
    ProLiant DL360 G4P
    ProLiant DL360 G6
    ProLiant DL370 G6
    ProLiant DL380 G6
    ProLiant DL380 G7
    ProLiant DL385 G5
    ProLiant DL385 G5p
    ProLiant DL385 G6
    ProLiant DL385 G7
    ProLiant DL4x170h G6
    ProLiant ML110
    ProLiant ML110 G2
    ProLiant ML110 G3
    ProLiant ML110 G4
    ProLiant ML110 G5
    ProLiant ML110 G6
    ProLiant ML110 G7
    ProLiant ML115
    ProLiant ML115 G5
    ProLiant ML150 G2
    ProLiant ML150 G3
    ProLiant ML150 G5
    ProLiant ML150 G6
    ProLiant ML310 G2
    ProLiant ML310 G3
    ProLiant ML310 G4
    ProLiant ML310 G5
    ProLiant ML310 G5p
    ProLiant ML330 G6
    ProLiant ML350 G4P
    ProLiant ML350 G5
    ProLiant ML350 G6
    ProLiant ML370 G6


    ProLiant DL120 G6
    ProLiant ML350 G4p (DDR2)
    StorageWorks 600
    StorageWorks All-In-One 600 (AiO600)
    StorageWorks D2600 Disk Enclosure
    StorageWorks D2700 Disk Enclosure
    StorageWorks MSA 20 Modular Smart Array
    StorageWorks MSA 60 Modular Smart Array
    StorageWorks X1000
    StorageWorks X1400
    StorageWorks X1600
    StorageWorks X1800

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